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Driving an ATV is spectacular. These All-Terrain Vehicles are designed for all kinds of rough terrains, but can be used on the streets too. Nowadays, ATV’s are better known as ‘quads’. The quad is popular in Scandinavian countries, as in some areas there are no paved roads to travel on. To achieve the best performance from your quad, you need to know which quad tyres are best suited.

Because quads have a higher center of gravity than regular vehicles, they behave differently when cornering. That is why you need special quad tyres to prevent you from tipping. In general, quad tyres are big ‘balloon’ tyres, with a courser profile to get the most grip on rough terrain. The tyre pressure is also not as high as with other types of tyres.

There are different quad tyres for mud, dessert, sand and rock. For example, sand tyres are very light. The minimal tread on the tyre will scoop the sand. These tyres are meant to float on top of the sand. Mud tyres have a very deep, aggressive and spread out thread design for a very good grip. The thread also helps clear out the mud from the tyres. However, these tyres cannot be used on rocky terrain.

The sidewall is the smaller portion of the tyre, but very meaningful when riding on rocks. The sidewall tread construction determines the stiffness of the tyre, the comfort and the puncture resistance, which is of utmost importance when riding on rocky terrain. The shorter sidewalls are stiffer and more stable at higher speeds. The taller sidewalls are more flexible and perform better on the rocks at a lower speed.

There are all-terrain tyres for quads as well, with a tread pattern that lies closer together and a moderate depth. This leads to better grip on all surfaces.
In our extensive range we have many brands in stock, including Vee Rubber, Kenda and Maxxis. See below our complete selection of tyres within this category.