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Excellent scooter tyres are essential. Scooter tyres need to offer grip, comfort, safety and precise steering. It is important to have adequate profile on your scooter tyres, as you notice the difference during cornering and braking, especially in wet weather circumstances. More profile means more grip, which can make the difference during an emergency stop.

Scooters can be used for city use, sportive driving & racing, touring and even all-road. City tyres combine comfort, durability and stability. Most city tyres can be used on both wet and dry surfaces.

The racing tyres are semi-slicks, designed for optimal performance on dry surfaces. The tyres are also equipped with a rubber compound for extreme grip during cornering.

Modern touring scooters are developing in a rapid speed. Their heavy engine and chassis put high pressure on the tyres. The rubber compound must then provide easy maneuverability, grip and comfort. Most tread profiles are designed for a quick water drainage.

The all-road scooter tyres are designed to excel on paved and unpaved roads. The look and feel of these tyres is robust, with knobs on the tread. The self-cleansing profile provides the excellent traction in mud and loose sand you require. The tyres are also ighly resistant to punctures and casing damage.