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Who does not like to travel long distances. Touring with your friends along beautiful roads in Luxembourg, through the mountains in Germany or simply explore the beautiful places in your own country. Your tyres must withstand long distances at high speeds. Diagonal tyres are specially designed for touring, as their name already suggest, and consist of a solid sidewall. The diagonal tyres are designed for rough surfaces.

The earlier designed diagonal tyres are different from radial tyres, as the pattern of the subcutaneous structure, the carcass, is designed in a different way. The carcass of a diagonal band is made up of several layers, which are woven in a certain way and mostly made of synthetic materials. The cord layers lie crosswise on the driving direction and provide the tyre its load bearing capacity. However, this construction creates more friction with the surface, which leads to more fuel consumption and a lack of rigidity. This leads to less comfort during the long distance trips.

There are positive features of the diagonal tyres as well. The tyres provide more stability and a higher resistance against damages of the side walls.

In our extensive range we have many brands in stock, including Bridgestone, Metzeler, Dunlop and Michelin. See below our complete selection of tyres within this category.