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Supermoto is a full on motor sport, combing the tenacity and skill from road racing and agility of motocross on one circuit. It is a mixture of three types: motocross, road racing and flat track. The circuits consist of around 30% dirt and the rest will be tarmac. The dirt part mainly includes (soft) sand and clay. Where the emphasis in other races lie on speed and ‘racing to the finish’, in Supermoto it is all about lower speeds – often less than 160 km/h – on short and technical tracks. Skills in bermed corners and jumps decide who wins the race. In the Netherlands Supermoto is known under the title ‘speed track’; in Belgium it is called ‘super biker’ and in France ‘supermotard’.

Supermoto is driven by converted crossers and Enduro motorcycles with modified suspension, brakes and road-racing tyres. The front and rear tyres are smaller and wider. Supermoto tyres have the characteristics of extremely light handling, with good traction in lean angles, curve stability, minimal cupping and they should warm up quickly. The tyres must be equipped for the many obstacles they encounter, from soft sand to tarmac and forest roads. Tyres designed specifically for Supermoto bikes were initially only intended for racing purposes, but many tyres have been amended in order to be street legal as well.

In our extensive range we have many brands in stock, including Michelin. See below our complete selection of supermoto tyres within this category.