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Next to the regular scooter tyres, there are scooter winter tyres as well. The different pattern heels and slats improve the braking in poor road conditions, compared with the regular summer tyres. The scooter winter tyres can be recognized by the ‘M+S’ coding on the sidewall of the tyre, which stand for ‘Mud’ and ‘Snow’. We highly recommend to use these tyres when the temperature drops below 7° degrees. The M+S tyres remain flexible at low temperatures, maintain contact with the road and therefore provide the required grip with the harsh winter roads. The tread of M+S is developed to shift water and mud away from the center section of the tyre and to deal with snow.

In our extensive range we have many brands in stock, including Continental, Heidenau, Michelin and Vee Rubber. See below our complete selection of scooter winter tyres within this category.

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