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If you want to use the circuit to set some decent lap times you can use your street tyres. But if you want to push the limit and increase ‘decent’ to ‘impressive’, you should definitly look into the option to purchase race tyres. Race tyres have a different setup than your regular street tyres. The carcass and rubber compund is specifically designed for race purposes. There are three basic categories to identify: slicks (for use on dry surfaces only), full wets and tyres with a profile designed for championship races. The slicks are subdvided in different rubber compounds, from soft, medium to hard. Each rubber compound shows at which road surface temperature you obtain the optimal grip. The full wets perform the best on wet surfaces, due to the special rubber compound and tyre slits and are purely designed for wet circuits. The rapid wear on dry surfaces leads to a quick loss of grip for the full wets.

The three types of race tyres have one thing in common: all tyres should have a lower pressure than the usual street tyres. This is a result from the different carcass structure. Manufacturers do not provide the exact tyre pressures, only indications with a margin between 200 to 300 gram. This is due to the fact that race tyres strongly react to the changing surface temperature. Keep in mind that your motorcycle runs faster with race tyres, but you experience less stability on the straights.

In our extensive range we have many brands in stock, including Pirelli, Bridgestone and Metzeler. See below our complete selection of tyres within this category.