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Enduro is a type of long-distance motocross, driven on courses that are mostly off-road, but where a large part is travelled on public roads as well. Enduro consists of many different obstacles and challenges, not to mention the driver must repair any technical defect himself. The object of the races is to arrive at pre-defined locations according to a strict schedule. Late arrivals result in the riders’ scores being penalized. There is no closed circuit with a clearly defined route. The Dakar Rally is a clear example of Enduro.

To let the rider focus on the race and not to worry about the tyres, the special designed tyres must include a range of quality features. You can imagine that the road surfaces differ from sand, to mud, to paved roadway, back to mud, rocks and so on. The tyre must be ready for every surface it encounters along the race. Enduro tyres are equipped with powerful knobs to provide grip on various road types. The tyres are also reinforced to prevent the subtraction of the knobs on hard surfaces. A high wear resistance, shock resistance and casting of mud are also important qualities to look for in Enduro tyres.

In our extensive range we have many brands in stock, including Metzeler, Continental and Pirelli. See below our complete selection of tyres within this category.