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If you are a fan of moto cross you will picture endless hills, mud, pits, sand alternated with hard surfaces, wide turns and high acceleration. And not to mention the occasional jump where you and your bike go airborne to entertain the spectators. Whether you are looking to participate in competitions or just like the adrenaline rush, you can imagine that you need the right tyres for this job.

Compared to the general motorcycle tyres, moto cross tyres have a rougher profile. Moto cross tyres, also referred to as ‘knobby tyres’, provide substantially more traction on dirt surfaces than is possible with street tyres. The vehicle’s weight causes the knobs to dig into the surface. This is absolutely necessary to obtain sufficient grip on the various off-road terrains, especially during cornering. Which motocross tyres you select highly depends on the terrain you will ride. Sand tracks require a softer rubber compound with a wider setup of the knobs for a better grip. Tracks that largely consist of mud require tyres with bigger knobs and knobs on the side.

The coarser the tread of the tyre, the more grip it offers. However, these tyres will wear out quicker for off-road use when you also drive on paved roads and provide your motorcycle with less grip. Tyres with smaller knobs and the shape and tread closer to that of street tyres provide a compromise, giving less grip off-road, but more grip on paved surfaces. Such tyres are useful for motorcycles designed to be used both off-road and on pavement, like Enduro. A knobby tyre can have a marking like ‘Motocross use only’, which means the tyre is not street legal.