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The last few years we have seen a steady growth in the sales of classic motorcycles. Parallel to this trend the consumer demand for classic tyres or ‘oldtimer’ tyres has grown as well. With ‘classic tyres’ we mean tyre treads that look and are old, but with the use of present-day technology. Whether we call these tyres, it is all about passion. Passion for the vehicle and passion for the parts. The jewel that is in your garage, protected from dust under a rug and is maintained and nurtured to perfection.

Classic motorcycles are often heavier. Your tyre choice must be adjusted accordingly, as the handling of the motorcycle must be maintained, as well as the comfort. Therefore, classic tyres must withstand dry and wet weather conditions, combined with a long life span. The tyres must also be resistant to rapid drought cracks.

Of course the return of classic motorcycles has also led to the return of the elegant tyres with the white sidewall. The decision to ride in retro style with whitewall tyres will depend on your motorcycle and on your personal style. The whitewalls can give you and your motorcycle the prestigious appearance it deserves. Some brands even give you the option to select a wide stripe, the ‘wide whitewall’ or a single stripe, the ‘whitewall single’.

In our extensive range we have many brands in stock, including Heidenau and Michelin. See below our complete selection of tyres within this category.