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The Michelin Pilot Road 4 always gives you the greatest pleasure

The Michelin Pilot Road 4 always gives you the greatest pleasure
april 6, 2018 admin
Michelin Pilot Road 4 -

Michelin Pilot Road 4: Tyres with the latest technology

Despite the fact that the Michelin Pilot Road 4 goes back to the year 2014, it still remains a tyre bike to be reckoned with. The motorbike tyre is filled with the latest technology available. On the website of Michelin you can find terms such as the ‘XST X-Sipe Technology’, to explain the perfect grip when riding and braking on wet surfaces, and the ‘2CT Two Compound Technology’ to pinpoint its improved grip during cornering.

For a motorcycle enthousiast like me all this information is nice to read, but I just want these tyres mounted underneath my pride and glory, my Kawasaki Ninja 1000, and test the promises made my Michelin about the performance of the tyre.

Michelin Pilot Road 4 : Standard, GT et Trail

The Michelin Pilot Road 4 offers something for everyone, whether you are a sporty driver, want to take your bike for long distances or like to take your motorcycle on an adventure into the mountains. The common features of these three types are durability, braking on wet road surfaces and optimal performance under cold weather conditions.

Michelin’s promising performance

I ordered the GT model in size 180-55 17 and 120-70 17 online at, because this type is more idealistic for larger mounts. Michelin claims the type provides the rigidity of a bias-ply tyre and sporty performance of a radial tyre. Let’s find out! I took the tyres on a testdrive from the center of Rotterdam to the rural plains in the eastern part of the Netherlands. The miles were mostly driven on the freeway, but close to my destination this was alternated with backroads and here and there some cobbled streets.

The first notable plus I experienced was the smooth corner steering, despite my reasonable heavy motorcycle. The long straights were perfect in getting used to the welcome feedback of the rubber and the smooth grip of the tyre. ‘Unfortunately’ it was not raining, in order to assess Michelin’s main claim of its optimal wet performances. I also did not have the opportunity to test the tyre in the cold that afternoon. But I was determined to make the best possible judgement.

Which is why, even before the sun came up and after a very short night, I jumped upon my bike to test the performance of the motorcycle tyres in colder conditions (at minus 2 degrees). I experienced sufficient grip indeed, no significant deviations at high speed and perfect grip during cornering and braking.

Durability and high performance on wet surfaces

I can conclude by writing that the beautiful words Michelin is saying about this motorbike tyre are more than accurate. Riding my motorbike on these tyres makes me feel like the king of the road. I have not been able to really test the durability and true performance on wet surfaces after just one week, so on that part I have to believe Michelin. Or just continue to increase the mileage, which is actually not a punishment. Not even when the rain falls down. But if these two features are as credible like the rest of the claims Michelin makes, it will be hard to ever change to other tyres than the Michelin Pilot Road 4.

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