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One day, three Metzeler’s

One day, three Metzeler’s
april 6, 2018 admin
Metzeler Tourance Next -

Yeahhh, the sun finally kicked in to bring us summer! After months of biking in the rain, encountering severe headwinds and defensive driving on slippery roads, it was nice to throw up the speed and feel the summer breeze touching my skin.

Now it happens that two of my friends are so lucky to own more than one motorcycle. And we thought it would be fun to take three different bikes up for a spin. We took our BMW R1200GS, Yamaha’s FJR1300A and Suzuki GSX-R1000 for a roadtrip. And on top of that, we could make a comparison between our different Metzeler tyres.

Metzeler Tourance Next

Within the extensive motorbike tyre range of Metzeler, the Tourance Next is their well known Enduro type: perfectly suited for our generation of adventurous touring fanatics. The all road tyre was introduced in 2012, but is still one of Metzeler’s top products. The tyre’s good features on wet roads were useless with a temperature reaching 28 degrees, but the Tourance Next is still one of the top buys when it comes to riding on high speed, fully packed with travel gear, like we normally do. And even then, the damping of the tyres remains excellent. The tyres even softened the ‘not so perfect’ roads in Belgium.

Metzeler Roadtec Z8 Interact

After lunch it was our turn to switch motorbikes. I stepped on the Yamaha with the radial sport tour tyres. Most online reviews on the Metzeler Roadtec Z8 agree on its excellence, based on the class performance on grip, wear and tear and handling. The first thing that struck me about the tyre profile was the remarkable shape, inspired by the Greek letter ‘Pi’. Besides that this actually looks very cool, it optimizes the tyre footprint by maximizing the flexibility of the tyre. During my ride this gave me a feeling that everything was ‘under control’, exactly what you want at high speed and sporty cornering.

Even when we were caught in a short, but heavy downpour I still got that feeling of control. While we quickly tried to find shelter in the nearest pub, I got distracted by looking for one, when suddenly a car pulled up in front of me. The wet grip of the Roadtec Z8 made sure I could brake on time and prevented me from sliding down the street.

Metzeler Sportec M7 RR

After a beer to calm down, it was now my turn to take the Suzuki GSX-R1000, equipped with the Sportec M7 RR, Metzeler’s sport tyre. This motorcycle tyre is completely filled with silica, making it less sensitive to differences in temperature. That the grooves are designed to allow good water drainage came as a welcome addition riding through the puddles.

The Sportec M7 also performed well in absorbing small bumps and cracks in the road.The Sportec M7 RR derives from Metzeler’s experience in racing activities, including the Isle of Man TT, and – just like the Roadtec – uses the Interact™ Technology. The tyre stiffness delivered an extremely agile handling for a sporty riding style, letting my friends dissapear in the rearview mirror on our way back home. The dual compound solution on the rear tyre also increases the abrasion resistance and in the long run will extend the mileage capability.

After the test runs I can conclude that the different Metzeler sport tour tyres can beat any weather condition. Dry road? Wet road? Cold conditions? Grimy tarmac? No problem, just ride it!

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